He wants them to make a system for spotting red flags.

August 5, 2019

"Big tech has embraced a business model of addiction."

July 30, 2019

Facebook's former head of security wants tech giants to pool their resources.

July 25, 2019

The guide says humorous tweets will "build and maintain trust."

July 22, 2019

Everyone's favorite face-aging app isn't actually that new, and it has a checkered past.

July 19, 2019

These "treatments" are ineffective at best — and deadly at worst.

July 2, 2019

"We should sue Facebook. Think Mark Zuckerberg will come to my party?" – Trump, probably

June 27, 2019

They want to look more like their Snapchat selves.

June 19, 2019

Opponents say the US has yet to prove how the info will keep people safe.

June 3, 2019

The Italian millionaire isn't happy about having his persona allegedly stolen.

April 25, 2019